Home Sweet Home

I’ve been back in Perth for ages now. Well, at least a couple of weeks anyway. After the insanity that is the end of semester, holiday is completely blissful. Eat, go to the beach, read, sip wine, catch up with people…
The trip back was nutty. I woke up insanely early to catch a cab to the train station, then a train to Beijing, then the subway to the airport train, then a train to the airport, a plane to Singapore, another plane to Perth and (to complete the circle) another cab to my Mum’s place. More than 24 hours on the move. Of course, instead of catching up on sleep by napping, which would have been sensible and thus is just not the kind of thing I would do, I watched movies most of the way back, except when I was chatting to a Norwegian girl who was on her way back to Perth for the last couple of months of her visa. Studied in Perth, met guy, now going through visa/what am I supposed to do now issues. Been there done that – relationships are tough enough without having to consider things like when your partner’s visa expires. I am inclined to think this kind of situation forces couples to make rather serious decisions about their relationships a lot earlier than they would otherwise be inclined to do. I guess this a lot more people must be going through this nowadays, too.
A couple of the films I watched weren’t too bad. A Korean thing about a tsunami had me in tears just before dinner, which was a bit embarrassing. Get Smart was whatever, but I really liked Zhang Ziyi’s new film, Sophie’s Revenge. After mostly seeing her in roles where she is some lithe martial arts hero-type person, it is refreshing to see her playing a psychotic clutz. Very funny. I’ve watching a few films since I’ve been back too. Law Abiding Citizen (crap), White Oleander (good), the Changeling (sniff sniff), the Aviator, Where the Wild Things Live (yargh) and some thing with Angelina Jolie in it that I can’t remember the name of but was really upsetting.
Anyway, the plan for the rest of the time left in Perth is to continue to do more of the same, starting with the beach…
Followed by a drink…
And something yummy to eat!


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