Room 666


Yesterday was the last exam for my second year students. To celebrate they took us out for dinner and KTV. I had a good time, but am still suffering from a slight headache which is probably a consequence of a) dehydration and b) not enough sleep. As a result, freedom (from work) has been delayed a little while yet. Although I did a lot of administrative stuff this afternoon. My end of semester report remains largely unwritten. Drat. But I don’t regret a thing. These students will be heading to Australia over the next few months and last night might be the last time I see some of them. So, I’m feeling a little sentimental today.

The girls. A minority they may well be, but they more than hold their own in our class.
Some of the guys, this was actually before they got too excited. Here they look far too sedate to be my students.
OK, that’s more like it.
Yep, now I recognise them.
Good luck you lot! Australia: beware!!!

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