World After – Susan Ee

This book was an excellent sequel. I had issues with the first book, Angelfall, because I felt the characters, while interesting, didn’t have much depth to them. Raffe and Penryn were fleshed out a lot in World After, mostly through the help of, well, a sword. Ee actually made up for some of the missing feeling in the first book by revisiting the events of the Angelfall through the memories/dreams Pooky Bear (i.e., the sword) shares with Penryn. Nicely done.

And let’s face it, Pooky Bear is just a cool character, even if the name is seriously undignified. She’s one badass sword.

I really enjoyed some of Penryn’s internal dialogue as well as the banter that takes place between the two leads when they (finally) manage to hook up again. I still love Dee-dum who managed to serve as the ultimate plot fixers. You need your heroine release from a locked vehicle? No sweat, we’ll get her out. You need a bunch of people rescued for Alcatraz? No problem, just drop us a line, and we’ll send boats. The use of Dee-dum to get the plot going to where it was headed and tying up loose ends was a bit too convenient, but I forgave it. Partly because Dee-dum remind me of the Weasley twins and partly because I just wanted to suspend disbelief and let the story get past the hiccups.

World After left me wanting more, made me think Susan Ee is becoming more secure as a writer and that this series is going to continue getting better as she goes along. Yup, the lady has got her groove on. This book gets four intimidating teddy bear clad swords out of 5.



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