Down in Manjimup

Yesterday, after lunch with an old friend and two of her daughters, another friend’s mum picked me up and we drove down south to Manjimup to visit said friend, partner and baby in their new house. The drive down here was way faster than it used to be thanks to a very new, very long, very straight and boring freeway almost all the way to Bunbury. After that the road turned much more interesting, with forests, rivers, orchards and little country towns with lots of cool old buildings. I don’t remember the country being this interesting when I was a little kid, but then I spent my time in the wheat belt, which was a lot flatter with heaps more dust. And definitely minus the wineries. Did I mention there are tonnes of wineries down here? I should have because there are.
We arrived, played with Fin, the bub, chatted, drank wine, ate dinner, chatted some more and did the dishes. It was a very homey evening.
I asked a question that other friends asked me about a week ago. If all jobs in the world paid the same and you could do any work you wanted, but you had to work, what would you do? My first choice was to be a writer. Number two was to plant and take care of seedlings. Seedlings make me very happy. I haven’t thought of a number three yet, but I suspect it would have to have something to do with either dogs, horses or the beach since I’m also awfully fond of all those things.
Today has been a very lazy day of doing not so much in particular except breakfast and mopping the floor. The view across the street is pretty nice. Actually just as I was typing that, Nic came out and muttered something about feeling like she lives in a holiday house with the view across the street. Agreed. I like living in the city, but it is awfully relaxing here. After going on about the view so much, I guess I’m going to have to take a photo of it now!

This is what you get to eat when your friends have been blackberry picking…

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