My Week with Marilyn

Some of the people I saw this with didn’t find Michelle Williams convincing as Marilyn Monroe. I thought the complete opposite. I admit, I’m not a huge fan of Marilyn or her movies, so perhaps it was easier for me to sink into the movie, but I thought Michelle Williams did an amazing job and I found her completely convincing.

I find women like Monroe who play sexy and childlike at the same time irritating because I think the stereotype is sick and belittles women. That said, I think the amount of pain and confusion I saw in her character elicited so much pity in me, I couldn’t help but feel sad for her. How does a person get so miserable? And lost. She was like a blurry edged person-shaped cloud of energy hovering where her body was but never quite clicked into place. Often radiating confusion and unhappiness, then occasionally she’d come into focus and the result was clear, wry and strangely charming. I couldn’t help but like her and feel dreadfully sorry for her.

The rest of the cast was really good. I especially liked Judi Dench and Kenneth Brannagh. The latter had some pretty funny lines. The guy, whose name escapes me, was thoroughly believable but he treated Emma Watson’s character appallingly and ought to have been spanked for that. Emma Watson is usually at the centre of a film, so it was disconcerting to see her on the peripheral. I’m not sure it suited her. She has a big presence.

I was transported away to a different place during this movie.



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