The Iron Lady

Mum came over from Brisbane for Christmas. Before she came we had talked about some heat-avoidance measures we might take if Perth got to hot. Being a huge fan of Cinema Paradiso, I suggested a movie. Given both Mum and I both love politics, The Iron Lady seemed a good choice. So off we went.

Meryl Streep nailed her role. I had been worried she would mess up the accent because she has annoyed me before with accents she has put on, but not this time around. I completely believed she was Margaret Thatcher. She was amazing.

I was very young when Thatcher was in power so I don’t remember a lot of the things that happened in the film. I do remember some of the policies and changes she was responsible for and have never liked her. But regardless of what you think of Thatcher, I believe she is definitely a figure whose story is worth telling. When she came into power, it was just about unbelievable that Britain could have a female leader. How she managed it, what motivated her and how she became so tough intrigued me. For this reason, I would have liked the film to spend more time in the past than the present. The flashbacks got a tad annoying because I would have preferred to just stay in the past. Not that the present was not well done, it was. I was just too fascinated by the past to want to come back out of it.

Anyway, except for that small complaint, I thought the film was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. My only regret is Mum talked me into a choc bomb instead of my usual glass of wine. The choc bomb was delish, but was way too big and sweet for me.



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