China’s Spring Festival: mass movement – in pictures

This is about something I saw on The Guardian’s website called “China’s Spring Festival: mass movement – in pictures” the link for which is below. If you’re like me and you’ve seen it in flesh, you’ll probably grimace as unpleasant memories flash to mind. For anyone else, I’m not sure you can really understand the extreme situations the word ‘crowded’ can actually be applied to until you’ve seen a Chinese train station at this time of the year. Check it out!

These photos bring back horrific memories of something I like to call Chinese train angst. Even for someone like me who loves trains and can understand Mandarin, catching trains in China is almost always stressful. Chinese New Year, however, definitely takes the cake. The Chinese have a saying ‘people mountain people sea’ (人山人海) and that definitely explains what you see as people try to make it home for Spring Festival.

Amazing photos.

And to anyone trying to get home to their families – have a safe trip! 一路平安!

For more posts on train angst, look at this, this, this or this which chronicle but a small selection of my own train-angst-laden debacles travelling around the Middle Kingdom.


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