Return home

I guess it has been about 6 months since I have written anything, mostly since last semester was completely insane. By insane, I think I mostly just mean busy. At the end of the semester, I moved back home to Perth, which was something I had decided to do a long time ago, but kind of happened in a whirlwind like most big things in my life. The decision to leave China and go home was monumental. So much so that most of my friends don’t actually believe it’s for real! I keep expecting that there will be ground shuddering, emotional repercussions as I cope with reverse culture shock and all that, but so far nothing. Except for shock at how expensive everything is.

A typical Perth sky...

Later in the year I should be moving to Sydney, but I am not so great at the long term planning thing, so whether or not this happens is anybody’s guess, but if I can make it as far as Perth, Sydney can’t be too hard, surely. At the moment I am in the throes of getting a certificate to be qualified in Australia to do the job that I have done for over ten years. Hurm. Yay, to jumping hoops. Actually the course starts on Monday, but just from doing the pre-course assignment, I’m guessing the course is going to be hard work and worthwhile. Good thing that, considering it was hideously expensive.

In the last few weeks that I’ve been back in Australia, I have been catching up with people, eating, going on a trip with mum (actually, it was to Sydney) and getting sick. It is bewildering to me how, in the last 8 months in China where it is crowded and people don’t cover their mouths when they cough, not to mention lots of people spitting and stuff, my immune system could fight off numerous attempts from nasty bacteria to make me ill when others fell sick all around me (not joking), but then when I am home in Australia, where the population density is something ridiculously small and I don’t think I have even seen anybody cough, I get a cold within three weeks… The mind boggles. I think my nose is being attacked by both a cold and hayfever at the same time, which is not making me at all happy. It would be nice if the cold disappeared by Monday.

A sight for sore eyes

Cold aside, all is well. Perth is much how I remember it. Vibrant blue sky, beautiful white sand beaches and an abundance of sunshine. On that note, the photos are all from City Beach…


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