The Dangers of 凉面 (cold noodles)

I have been somewhat troubled by a bout of the runs for the past couple of days. The second time in the last week, which is just plain mean. I think I am taking it fairly gracefully, to be honest. The first lot was most likely brought on my a bowl of 凉面 (cold noodles with sesame paste) which is annoying because when I lived in Wuhan, my trainer (yes, yes, I had a personal trainer, I’m a complete yuppy, I admit it) warned me not to eat cold noodles because it is easy to get food poisoning from them. But of course I didn’t listen. I am semi-addicted to them actually and get cravings for them. 凉面 and a 茶叶蛋 (cold noodles with a tea egg) is my favourite thing to eat for lunch during the summer! However, while I am crazy about them, I am not sure they are worth this kind of suffering.
Last week I finished off a Korean soap (白雪公主) in record time, although I am still plodding through Ma Jian’s Red Dust. I started reading the latter at least a month ago, so I think the fact that I haven’t finished it yet shows I am becoming more of a space cadet than before. And it’s dumb too because I actually really like the book, so you would think I would spend more time reading it than watching silly K-soaps that I only find mildly amusing.
I watched Will Smith’s I am Legend on Friday, which turned out to be a mistake of montrous proportions. Not because it wasn’t good. I thought it was brilliant, but I am a dog lover and the film reduced me to a bawling mess. I haven’t cried that much since I saw Balibo. Anyway, my plan, after I obliterate the rest of my marking, is to do some Chinese study. I haven’t done much of that since I went through my blip of fury a couple of weeks ago. If I am really industrious, I will post something on my Chinese blog. I’ve got more time to work on it now that I have finished working on the Korean part of my travel pod. The last entry about Jeju, is called Woman Versus Mountain and can be found here.
Finally, about Friday. I confess, it took me until about 4 in the afternoon on June 4 before I remembered what day it was.
I was 13 years old the year it happened. I remember the awful footage on the TV news. I remember Bob Hawke crying when interviewed. I remember sending a postcard I got from Amnesty International to Beijing. It was English on one side and Chinese on the other. I still remember and I still care. And it isn’t even my country. You can shut people up, but I don’t think you can make them forget. And while even just a few people remember, there is always a possibility that others will find out. Is it really worth it, wasting so much time trying to gag people?
I’m hopeful. Information about the wrongs committed during the Cutlural Revolution were gradually released and admitted. Surely in the future there will be a day when the same will happen for May 35th. A friend of mine said to me he doesn’t see what the fuss is, quite frankly, because it happened such a long time ago, why do people care? Huh. Because injustice is like a splinter… you have to dig in and take it out, or it will fester. And if it happened such a long time ago and is no big deal, then why can’t it be acknowledged?!
Just over a month until the end of semester. Yep, sad but true, I am about the enter the craziness that is marking hell! I’d better enjoy my free time now while I still have some. Until next time, adieu!

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