Two years ago today

My thoughts have been elsewhere today.
With those who lost loved ones in the Sichuan earthquake two years ago. In particular, the parents who lost their children in schools that should not have crumbled.
With those who I hope are no longer, but suspect still are, living in ‘temporary’ housing after their homes were destroyed. This country can perform miracles in construction (look at the Beijing Olympics, look at Shanghai for the Expo), I wish they would perform one for you.
With Tan Zuoren, who dared to fight on behalf of those who could not, tried to keep the bastards honest and got punished for ‘possessing state secrets’. This world has a lot of problems, but it is a better place with people like you in it.
To those who stole money from public construction works, or the donations meant to help victims of the quake: may you rot in hell.
With Em, Lovelyn and JV. I really thought I was going to die in that stairwell with you guys. It seems melodramatic now. Wuhan is an awful long way from Wenchuan after all. But when the building was shaking and we were running down all those stairs in the dark, there was at least a minute there when I was convinced I was going to die in China. Especially Em. Thanks for coming back to find me when I got left behind. I wrote a post about a day after the earthquake happened, which can be found here.
Just as I was writing this blog entry, I got yet another message about a ‘knife slashing’ incident. Ugh! There have been a couple in the last few days. Shaanxi. Guangxi. Although not at schools or kindergartens. Today’s was at a kindergarten, again. In Shaanxi, again. Seven dead, twenty injured. Did this kind of thing always happen and we just hear about it nowadays because information travels faster and the media is somewhat freer? Or has the world gone mad? If it is the latter, why does it have to go nuts in an angry way?

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