Some Han-Han with lunch

I was sitting around surfing the net while polishing off my potato salad and melted cheese sandwich (which was delish, BTW) when I stumbled across an article Han-Han wrote about the recent kindergarten attacks around China. I guess it was a bit more complicated than that, as it was a China Geeks post that was linked to an English translation of Han-Han’s blog post, which (the original Chinese version, that is) has since been censored by the ever so officious great firewall of China. It was a pretty potent dose of conscience and cynicism (can these two words even be used together?!) to follow a sandwich with. Perhaps ‘a phial of wrath’ would be a better description… either way it is not really relaxing mealtime reading.
I might just be a rookie China watcher, but I am sad to say that I hadn’t even heard of Han-Han before I listened to a Sinica podcast about him and Ai Weiwei a couple of weeks ago. Since then I’ve read his blog a few times. People have said some pretty nasty things about him recently in the Chinese press belittling the whole Times magazine most influential people thing that he’s been nominated for. I like his writing style, but hadn’t paid enough attention to his blog to actually have much of an opinion before today. Now, I have an opinion. Good on you Han-Han for saying what needs to be said. You are putting it out there. Maybe that isn’t the same as standing in front of tanks, but it needs to be done. And it is brave. Those who see this world clearly need to yell out what they see, in the hopes that those too numb or blind to see what is going on will wake up out of their ignorance. And to let those who try to blind or muffle the people know that we are onto them and we will not be silenced.
I don’t know if the pen (or the keyboard in his case) is mightier than the sword, just that it is necessary.

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