Under Attack from White Tree Seed Fluff Balls

It’s tough being allergic to stuff. I have some rather odd allergies. Caviar, cats (especially female… go figure), and grass seeds, dust and pollen. Well, maybe it’s only the caviar that is a bit odd, but whatever. The pollen allergy tends to be the stinker. When I went back to Perth I had severe trouble with easterlies and tree blossoms. Despite the pollution being a bit rough in China, the really good thing is that I don’t seem to be anywhere near as allergic to the blossoms here. Unfortunately China has something that Australia doesn’t: trees that let off great big clouds of fluff which contain seeds. The fluff looks like snow. Lots of people like it because it is pretty cute, but that fluff drives me nuts. Yup, it makes my eyes itch, my throat scratchy, my head feel like it is stuffed full of cotton wool (which is quite appropriate since the fluff balls look a bit like anorexic cotton wool balls) and leaves me completely energy deprived despite being totally pumped full of caffeine. Stupid fluff balls. So, I have another thing to add to my list of allergies. I am allergic to tree fluff balls.
Not sure if you can see them very well in the picture below, which was taken from my balcony, but they are wafting about all over the place.
They are also cunningly attaching themselves to my washing, which is drying on the roof outside. Since a lot of my clothes are black, the fluff balls stand out quite nicely. I am going to spend the week looking like a butt-ugly black and white poodle if they cannot be removed (i.e., if I am too lazy to sit down and try and get rid of them). 
Right, I have to do some study now. HSK or bust.

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