The wisdom (or lack thereof) of cocktails after beer

So… the last week or so has been pretty busy. First of all there was a trip to Hong Kong to see my mum and an old Wuhan buddy. For Mum, it was Easter, so she had a public holiday. I had Tomb Sweeping Day. P and her boyfriend were moving from Hungary to Singapore and were having a stopover in Hong Kong. It wasn’t the best weather for it, but Hong Kong is always fabulous as far as I’m concerned, so that was neither here not there. Although it was really freaky to find Jinan hotter than Hong Kong at the start of April!
Of course the first thing I did when I got back to Jinan was to write all about the trip, which I put on my travelpod. I guess I was in a bit of a bitchy mood when I started writing (in the Jinan airport), but to be honest, I think I am more amusing when I am ticked off! The trip was great, but the getting there and back (AKA China Travel Angst) was trying. 
Here are some (ok, a lot of) photos…
The one above was taken from Kowloon looking across at Hong Kong Island. The weather was completely miserable but, the view was great!
I don’t even know what these things are (which is actually kind of surprising because I used to dive a lot in Taiwan, so I am not a complete ignoramus when it come to marine animals), just that they skitter and they are not treated so well in Sai Kung, which is where this photo was taken.
Interesting… I seemed to have been a little haphazard about the way I added the photos!. This is also Hong Kong Island, I really love the Bank of China building. It’s cool.
That bouncing little person to the right is my mum. Yep, looney behaviour definitely runs in the family. There are lights in the pavement because this is the ‘Walk of Stars’ along the waterfront in Kowloon. It has a whole bunch of palm prints of famous stars from Chinese movies. My palms were the same as Jet Li’s. Jackie Chan has an enormous hand span. Most of the women had little itty biddy hands.  

Hong Kong Island at night, taken from Kowloon. This photo includes all my favourite buildings: the Hang Seng building, the HSBC building and the Bank of China building.

The top of the Hang Seng building looks like one of the towers from Lord of the Rings in this photo!

I was stunned to see this place because it was always a construction site for as long as I have been coming to Hong Kong (i.e., about 9 years).

The two photos above are also of the old construction site cum extremely fancy shopping palace thing. I’m glad they manage to save the tree!
No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without taking a ride on the Star Ferry. Hong Kong Island at night, viewed from the water, is my all time favourite nightscape of any city. Especially if viewed from the ferries coming in from some of the outer islands under a fully moon… 
We took the Star Ferry back from Hong Kong Island after meeting up with Hungarian friends over there.
Fishing for lunch… what on earth are those hair dryer things under the lobsters?! And why on earth would you want to eat one?! This was taken out the front of a restaurant at Sai Kung. Mum was particularly upset by the bound crabs in the tanks. I think I ought to have been too. I wonder if I’ve been desensitised to this kind of thing after ten years in the region?
At the jetty in Sai Kung where people sell fresh seafood from their boats.
Duilian (the red papers on either side of the door) plus a shrine outside somebody’s door.
The view after walking about Sai Kung.
Seafood Street.
Since I’ve been back, I’ve also been trying to study. I found a really good website for learning Chinese and I’ve been using it to prepare for the HSK. Then I’ve been making half-hearted attempts to learn a bundle of other languages at another website. It is not like I want to be fluent in Korean, German, Italian and French, but if you can learn to say ‘The truck is not white, it is yellow’ in four different languages, then why wouldn’t you?! It’s obviously a terribly useful sentence!!!
Oh, the reason for the title of this entry is that, after a really nice day of bumming about doing nothing with L (which was ruined completely by watching Hurt Locker – not because it was a bad film, I thought it was brilliant, but it put me in a super crappy mood), I went out with a gal pal. It turns out she wanted to go out and get wasted (man troubles) so we drank beer with dinner. Unfortunately the beer in China is pissweak so we decided to buy a bottle of soju and add it to the beer. That worked for a while until we went to a bar and drank some more beer, which made us completely sober again (not to mention very full… not only is Chinese beer really weak, it is also way too full of bubbles!) until we ordered cocktails which also seemed really weak at the time, but, considering the state of my head this morning, probably were not.
The plan for today is to go out with another gal pal who is also having man problems. Why people are coming to me for advice is completely beyond me. I mean it is not like my life is a study of relationship bliss! Anyway, must get ready (i.e., drink water).

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