Movie OD

Gaaah! Too many movies in too few hours. Alas, you can definitely have too much of a good thing. I can’t even remember the number of movies I’ve been through in the past 30 hours. Enough! Thank goodness I have to go back to work soon!
It started with Confucius which was looooong… although Chow Yun Fat is likeable as the sage. I went onto Fantastic Mr Fox (zzz), 7天爱上你, Wall-E, which got a few laughs out of me and a Taiwanese mobster movie called 艋舺 (Monga), which was bloody but I liked it a lot. Next (well, maybe… I don’t really remember the order anymore) was 刺陵 with Jay and Lin Zhiling. Funnily enough, the latter didn’t irritate me as much as usual… is it my imagination, or is she less squeaky than she used to be? Then The Lovely Bones, which was freaky and finally a documentary about plastic, which might have been called Addicted to Plastic and was also freaky and made me feel guilty and worried. Yup, it has been a long day of non-study.
In between movies I cooked, ate, washed dishes and stared dreamily out the window while snow fell in a flurry outside. Actually, dreamily sounds too peaceful. I am feeling a bit testy to tell the truth because I’ve not been out much in the past couple of days. I’ve got a big case of cabin fever. Oh and because the sky has been a grubby grey ever since I got back. Waah, I miss Perth!!! Here’s a picture from the generally whitening of the campus that took place outside my living room window today…
So, the plan for the next couple of days is to study and go outside. How very adventurous of me!

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