Winery, Stars and Scones with Jam and Cream

After mooching about all morning yesterday, we went out to Bridgetown for lunch. After Nic and I came out of the café, we were a little disturbed to find that Fin (baby) and Jan (Nana) were missing. I made a wisecrack (in best ‘Meryl Streep tries to do Australian accent but sounds like deranged South African’ accent) by exclaiming "A Grandma’s got my baby!", then felt a bit naughty and un-PC considering the whole court finding re:dingo thing and apologised for being not funny. Nic placated me by saying it was funny and some ladies sitting outside the café helpfully pointed behind them and said, "They went that way." I was most embarrassed and said, "Oh no, I cracked an unfunny and everybody was listening." Nic continued to reassure me by telling me not to worry, that I was still funny. It’s hard being a bestest buddy. She does it very well. Especially considering we were still searching for her missing baby.
We wandered down the street, got to the pub where the street pretty much ended, then called Jan on her mobile because she totally wasn’t anywhere to be seen and we very much doubted she was hiding in the pub. We figured we had been thwarted by the ladies who had heard my unfunny and possibly disapproved of it. We walked back again, still couldnt find Jan and then got told by the ladies that she had gone off in the opposite direction. Blimey. Who would have thought that a granny and an 8 month old baby could move so very fast and stealthy. We caught up, looked at furniture (yes, very domestic) and then went to Glenoran Pool, a beautiful patch of water in the middle of the bush, and finally tried to go to a winery (Truffle Hill, the one with the dog on the label) but it was closed. This was followed by beef and veggie stew with great big dumplings in it, some wine and an episode of Northern Exposure.
Today, Jan and I headed out to the Timber Museum (hideously boring, but then I never have been much of a museum fan), followed by a dodgy coffee (ie, dirty milk with possibly negative amounts of caffeine… Nic did warn me of this but I am the eternal optimist). We also saw Diamond Tree, which people used to climb to try and spot forest fires. It’s a bit scary looking. Iron spikes up the side to climb up, with a net thing above the spikes. Jan was quite enthusiastic about the idea of me climbing it, but I lacked adequate footwear (just flimsy Jesus sandals from Jerusalem) and was suffering from a distinct lack of caffeine so I declined. Then some big blokes in boots drove up. Jan’s hopes of seeing someone scramble up the tree were dashed yet again because the big blokes in boots turned out to be scared of heights. They were just there to gawk at the tree and talk about how nutty anybody would have to be to climb it. Jan has. Turns out she’s much braver than me when I am deprived of shoes and coffee, or a couple of beefy booted blokes.
After lunch, Jan departed, then Nic and I went off to the winery, which turned out to be great. We arrived and were surrounded by Koreans who were terribly excited about Fin, blonde haired blue eyed little bundle of gorgeousness that he is. He scared them a bit though after making grumpy faces. I think he was a bit surprised to be surrounded by people who looked so very different from his mum and dad.
We went in and did a tasting, which was slightly ruined for me because I cunningly went and brushed my teeth before we left the house. While chatting to the staff, we found out that the Koreans were a part of a TV show about cooking and chefs and traveling and that a buff, sunglassed guy standing outside was actually a Korean actor who had  been in Wolverine. I had no idea who had been in Wolverine (I didn’t watch it because the shorts were boring) but I learnt Chinese by watching Korean soaps, so I figured I might actually know who the person was, if only I wasn’t so short-sighted that I would have to stand about two metres away before I would be able to recognise him. Oh well. As a compromise, I took a rather sneaky shot of the winery grounds, which included him and his entourage and decided to Google the movie later. Far right, shorts and blue tank top.
I did and he turned out to be Daniel Henney who is actually American, not Korean, although he became famous in Korean soaps. Especially ‘My Name is Kim Samsoon’,  which I loved.
Later in the day, after some non-napping by Fin, we went out to Lavender and Berry Farms for scones with jam and cream.
Unfortunately by that stage Fin had finally slept, so I left Nic with the baby and the car and went to explore. I explored my way all the way to the café where there was a sign suggesting that the kitchen might be closed. I managed to beg coffee and scones out of them, then Nic and I sat on the grass outside the car and scoffed them while she swatted blow flies with  her Birkenstocks.
She’s actually extremely talented at swatting flies with her Birkenstocks. She brained at least ten in one sitting. I was extremely grateful because they were of the biting variety and were huge. Unfortunately in the process of swatting flies, she also managed to bat one straight down the front of my shirt (it was an impressive shot), as well as whack me in the back with her shoe.
Bruised and battered (or I was anyway) we headed to the pub at Pemberton. It was a fabulous day.

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