Truffles and wine

Neither Nic nor I managed to get much sleep last night. My sleep deprivation was self-inflicted because I have no self-control and didn’t turn my laptop off until late. Nic’s was because her baby is teething and got woken up 6 times. In any case we were both extremely tired and so didn’t manage to make it out of the house until quite late. Oh, actually she made it out first for a trip to the shops while I babysat Fin. Yep, crazy woman trusted me with her child. We survived just fine. Fin swang on his baby swing, while I pushed him from a nearby sofa, sang him songs I learnt when I used to teach kindy and then (when I got sick of those) read him the news from BBC’s website. He blew raspberries at the general state of US-Sino relations (can’t blame him as I was tempted to do the same), but seemed to find the report about a possible Mossad assassination in Dubai quite amusing. What he liked most of all though was the frowning and consternation caused by my laptop automatically shutting down after it had updated something that I didn’t actually realise it was updating part way through the Mossad story.
Anyway, after Nic came back and we bumbled around doing nothing for ages, we went back to Truffle Hill Winery for a gourmet lunch washed down with plenty of wine. First we had scallops and truffles with a leek cream sauce…
Then we had beef and truffle pie…
…and chicken and truffle fettucine…
This was followed by dessert but I forgot to take a photo of that. Afterwards we went to Jarrah Jack’s Brewery which was situated on lovely grounds and had a great wheat beer.
Finally we went back past Glenoran Pool for another swim. The yabbies were huge.

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