La la land

I’ve spent a day and a bit in La La Land after finishing classes last week.
After my last class for the semester (whoopee!) and printing out the exam papers (yay!) I headed downtown for some Korean food and general mooching about in company of (recently extremely neglected) BF.
After days of eating canteen trash and bread, the sight of the menu (complete with pictures – very smart of the restaurant) sent me into a food ordering frenzy, as I tried to make up for a week of not eating much in the way of vegetables or anything containing iron. I had been planning to save room for some gelato, but my tummy was too full of barbecue, kimchi stew, potato pancakes and beer for that to be even remotely possible. Actually, I blame the beer. A word of warning to those looking to get the best value for stomach space out of an eating experience in China – the beer is super bubbly. If you drink it and don’t get the gas out somehow (don’t ask me how, to be honest I am far too polite to have mastered the art of public gas removal), you are going to be all out of stomach space really quickly. In my opinion (based on hours of thorough research and field experience), Laoshan is probably the worst offender on the bubble front. Too much gas per bottle. The point is, by the time we wandered past the gelato store, I was about to burst, so an icecream was out of the question, which is a tragedy because if life has taught me one thing, it is that gelato is God’s gift to our species. There is no bad mood gelato cannot cure. Keep in mind this is coming from a pretty cheerful atheist who doesn’t get in bad moods very often.
Next on the agenda was to go investigate cell phones. I love my cell phone. It was cheap, it isn’t trendy, but I love it. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, when I was invited to a government thing in Taian, to talk (at a conference, in front of the media, yes I was on TV for about 1 second) about the effect of the Global Economic Crisis on me and mine, something tragic happened. I was extremely nervous in the morning. I speak in front of other people every day. I like talking. A lot. But not in Chinese, in front of a whole bunch of business people, on TV. Nope. That is definitely new and I was terrified. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I went and chucked my cell phone in the toilet because I was tired and stressed and trying to do too many things at once. Glamorous it isn’t, stupid it is, but that’s what happened. After blow drying it for a while and letting it rest for a few days, it seems to be working in a manner of speaking, but only for about 4 hours before the battery runs out. So, I need to buy another.
Shopping by myself, I tend to have a in-buy-out approach. I hate shopping (unless it involves books, music, wine, or shoes) and don’t like anything that wastes my time, so I shop quick. If it meets my needs and I like the look of it, I buy it. I don’t shop around. But shopping in company, I suddenly found myself being more cautious about my decision. So I haven’t bought one yet, but I have done my research (or at least had somebody do it for me), and I know which one I want. Ironically, it was the one I saw and liked first and would have bought anyway had I been left to my own devices. Which makes me wonder what exactly the point is of making an informed choice. After leaving the third electronics store, we wandered about the cold streets for a bit, picked up some groceries, played with an ultra-cute puppy (note to male friends – nothing works better as a chick magnet than a puppy… even in the middle of the night at minus ten degrees, this puppy managed to attract more than one female pedestrian to coo at it and cuddle it).
Other than that, after over ten hours of sleep (which was desperately needed) I spent a relaxing day of doing absolutely bugger all except the laundry (although technically speaking I was nagged into doing that). I also rewatched Baraka, which reminded me of how beautiful the world is (something one tends to forget when one does not venture out of one’s room for a week except to go to class) and how much we have done to try and destroy it, along with ourselves and the other poor creatures that inhabit the world along with us. That was fun. Then watched Ned Kelly, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Other than that, it was an extremely nice day.
Now, it is time to come back to reality. Marking, report writing and the downhill stretch to the winter holidays.

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