Buy yourself a country

I’ve just come back from my third last class for the semester. Not that I’m counting or anything. Hurm.
Actually, I had a really good time. After we finished talking about next week’s exam and reviewed for a while, we spent the second half of the class playing monopoly. I acted as the banker while the students went about buying up stuff. In the Chinese version you get to buy countries instead of streets, which is good fun and also actually teaches some useful vocabulary. I found the students are really good at remembering the names of countries when they have a chance to own them!
Now I’m sitting upstairs, sipping on some hot black sugar/ginger tea while the sun sets, bracing psychologically for tonight’s marking. Actually, I am feeling a little better than expected. Most of the students who hadn’t handed in their assessments gave them to me this morning. Of course this means I have more marking, but it also reduces the worry factor, which was running high yesterday. The power in my building was miraculously spared this morning, when the rest of the buildings had a blackout. Which was kind of funny because I had already woken up extra early to make sure I could boil some water for a coffee before the power got cut. In retrospect, the reasoning involved in this decision was a tad flawed. I knew I would be tired after not getting enough sleep, so I woke up even earlier in order to be able to drink some coffee in the hope of making myself more awake. It would have been much better to just stay in bed longer.
Two more classes, five exams and a wee bit of marking, then I’m free for 6 weeks. Phew! 

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