When do cats yowl?

So… I think I have a bit of a kooky kitty happening outside my building. I mean, it is yowling its head off and has been all day. I’m not really a cat person… OK so that’s a outright lie. I’m a total pooch freak and I’m allergic to cats, so I’m obviously biased…etc, but surely it is completely abnormal (not to mention indecent and out of line) for a cat to be yowling away at this time of year?! It is freezing out there. I thought this kind of cacophony was reserved for spring. Seriously, it was minus something awful last night and it is not feeling much warmer tonight. How on earth can it be feeling amorous? Sorry to be crude, but his little cat balls must be almost frosted over by now, surely.
Oh, perhaps that’s the problem: the poor feline in question is in danger of becoming a victim of weather induced sterility.
Is this a case of feline il castrato? Whatever it is, it sure is noisy. Somebody get that cat a hot water bottle!

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